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Environment, Health & Safety Track


New Online Safety Series The Foundation funded the development of five new, online safety videos, including Backing Accident Prevention Program, Concrete Mixer Truck Rules for Using a Spotter, Lockout/Tagout/Tryout - Part I and Lockout/Tagout/Tryout - Part II and Pre-Trip Inspection (available for front and rear discharge mixers). Please click here for more information.


An Integrated Study of Pervious Concrete Mixture Design for Wearing Course Applications - This report from the National Concrete Pavement Technology Center at Iowa State University, included funding from the Federal Highway Administration.


Performance Evaluation of In-Service Pervious Concrete Pavements in Cold Weather - This report from the University of Minnesota is very large (almost 20MB).

Effect of Pavement Type on Fuel Consumption and Emissions in City Driving - This final report from the University of Texas at Arlington also includes a companion tool Roadway Fuel Consumption and Emissions Calculator. Please click here to download the executable file for the calculator and click here to download a ZIP file version of the calculator. A one-page summary is also available here.

Revised Pervious Concrete Research Compilation A comprehensive report noting past and current pervious concrete research projects, including abstracts. The original was released in June 2006 with revisions completed in June 2008, August 2013 and the latest revision in July 2015. Please note: To access the links included in this report, you must be connected to the Internet.

Construction & Maintenance Assessment of Pervious Concrete Pavements This report, prepared by the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida, details construction and maintenance issues to ensure maximum performance of pervious concrete.

Hydraulic Performance Assessment of Pervious Concrete Pavements for Stormwater Management Credit This report, also prepared by the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida, focuses on the stormwater management properties of pervious concrete.

Compressive Strength of Pervious Concrete Pavements - This report, also prepared by the Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida, examines the compressive strength of pervious concrete and the relationship between strength and permeability.

Portland Cement Pervious Pavement Field Performance Investigation on Parking Lot and Roadway Pavements This report was prepared at Cleveland State University and demonstrates the successful use of pervious concrete in freeze-thaw environments, with little maintenance required.

Crushed Concrete Aggregate as Aggregates for New Concrete This study was conducted at NRMCA's Lab and details how the proper use of crushed returned concrete can save the concrete industry $300 million annually in materials and disposal costs.

New Technology-Based Approach to Advance Higher Volume Fly Ash Concrete with Acceptable Performance This study was conducted at NRMCA's Lab and was co-funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Combustion Byproducts Recycling Consortium. The companion Guide for the Construction Team is also available for download.

The Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSH) was established at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology by the Foundation and the Portland Cement Association. Please click here to be taken directly to the CSH's MIT website.

NRMCA Material Ingredient Reporting Guidance - This report provides guidance on how ready mixed concrete producers may contribute to the credit titled LEED v4 Materials and Resources: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Material Ingredients. Please click here for the version optimized for online viewing or click here for the version optimized for printing. 

Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines, Version 1.1 - The latest version is now available and includes updated checklists and calculators. The Guidelines form the basis for a new Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification offered by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Please visit www.nrmca.org/sustainability for more information on the certification. The Guidelines document and related calculators and checklists are available below or on a CD. Please contact Jennifer LeFevre to receive a CD version.  To view the Foundation's Press Release on the Guidelines, please click here. Please note: the Excel files are in the .xlsx format.

Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines Version 1.1

CO2 Calculator

Emissions Calculator

Guidelines Checklist

Materials Transportation Calculator

Safety Worksheet

Air Emission Factor (AP-42) Related Testing Executive Summary


Hexavalent Chromium Personal Exposure Study Executive Summary


Text Reference for Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification This Text Reference is now available for purchase through the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, publication number 2PPCRT. Although technically an Educational Project, we are also listing the project under this section as well since pervious concrete pavements offer so much from an environmental standpoint in sustainable construction. The Pervious Contractor Certification Text is now available for purchase through the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Those interested in the certification may contact NRMCAs Eileen Dickson for additional details on the certification program.


Hurricane Katrina Forensic Study The full study is too large for download but is available on CD or as a hardcopy. An Abstract and Executive Summary is available for download.



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