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About the RMC
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When the RMC Research & Education  Foundation was established in 1991, leaders within the concrete industry saw an opportunity to pool resources together to help improve the industry. Back then, funding was modest and essentially used for as-needed projects such as laboratory equipment for the NRMCA Research Laboratory (see right) or to start up revolutionary educational programs like the Certified Concrete Sales Professional Program.

Today, the RMC Research & Education Foundation is growing strong and putting the generous contributions of the concrete and construction community members to work to fund programs that are helping to improve an already superior product in an industry committed to excellence. These projects are helping to demonstrate that the concrete industry is:

  • Dedicated to strong environmental stewardship,
  • Concerned with protecting the safety of its workforce,
  • Working toward improving broad concrete applications, and
  • Devoted to strengthening the education and training of current and future professionals within the industry.

The research and educational programs supported by the RMC Research & Education Foundation represent a broad spectrum of projects that are helping to keep the concrete industry on the cutting edge. The quest of reaching a $20 million endowment, the interest from which will provide approximately $1 million annually in program funding in perpetuity, is aggressive but attainable. The mission of keeping the concrete industry forever moving forward has only just begun.

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One Million Pound Compression
Testing Machine purchased by the RMC Research & Education Foundation in 1993 for use at the A.H. Smith Research Lab.



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