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Foundation News

Here you will find information and links to the latest news of the RMC Research & Education Foundation, including the latest and back editions of the Foundation’s quarterly newsletter – Legacy – as well as current press releases, when available. If you are interested in any materials published prior to 2011, please contact Jennifer LeFevre.

2016 End-of-Year Communication

2016 Mid-Year Edition of Legacy

2015 End-of-Year Communication

2015 Mid-Year Edition of Legacy

2014 End-of-Year Communication (PDF)

2014 Mid-Year Edition of Legacy

2013 End-of-Year Communication (PDF)

2013 3rd Edition of Legacy (PDF)

2013 2nd Edition of Legacy (PDF)

2013 1st Edition of Legacy (PDF)

2012 End-of-Year Communication (PDF)

2012 3rd Edition of Legacy (PDF)

2012 2nd Edition of Legacy (PDF)

2012 1st Edition of Legacy (PDF)

The following articles relating to the Foundation's work appeared in NRMCA's magazine Concrete inFocus:

"Foundation Partnerships are Backbone of Success" - November-December 2009

"Fuel Cost Relief: Promising Preliminary Results of Foundation's Fuel Consumption and Emissions Study" - September-October 2009

"Evaluation of SCC Formwork Pressure" - July-August 2009

"Pervious Concrete Performance in Freeze-Thaw Environments" - March-April 2009

"Well-Trained Employees Help Companies Weather Economic Storm" - January-February 2009

Press Releases

RMC Foundation Releases Driver Recruitment Resources

RMC Foundation Announces Release of LEED v4 Material Ingredient Reporting Guidance Document

RMC Foundation Releases Reports to Evaluate Erosion Potential for Concrete Roads and Parking Lots

As Nation Marks One-Year Anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Durability & Resiliency Must Be Considered in Rebuilding Efforts

RMC Research & Education Foundation Releases New Concrete Overlays Guide from the CP Tech Center

RMC Foundation Aims to Raise $2.3M to "Bridge the Gap" on Program Funding

RMC Research & Education Foundation Releases New Pervious Concrete in Cold Weather Study

Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines Version 1.0 Released

MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub Research Sets New Life-Cycle Assessment Model Standard; Concrete Industry Reaction

Foundation Releases Self-Consolidating Concrete Formwork Pressure Study

RMC Foundation-UTA Fuel Consumption and Emissions Study Demonstrates Environmental Advantages in Paving with Concrete

Foundation Releases Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines

RMC Foundation Releases Revised Edition of the Popular LEED Guide

Concrete Sustainability Hub Launched at MIT

RMC Foundation Celebrates Earth Day by Emphasizing Importance of Recycled Materials and Sustainable Research

RMC and ACI Foundations Form Strategic Partnership

Foundation Releases Companion Guide to Fly Ash Study

Study Demonstrates Approach for Increased Use of Fly Ash with Acceptable Performance

Foundation Releases Updated Pervious Concrete Research Compilation


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