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The Foundation seeks high quality grant proposals that meet our goal of increasing the quality of concrete and the professionalism of our industry personnel. Such projects also include those that would improve the health and safety of industry personnel or community and those that may address environmental concerns.

Some issues to keep in mind when submitting a grant proposal to the RMC Research & Education Foundation include:

§         We do not engage in proprietary research.

§         We do not engage in advocacy or promotion activities.  By virtue of our tax exempt status, everything we fund must be for the benefit of the citizens of the U.S., in addition to the concrete industry.

§         We avoid duplication of effort, and would therefore not generally support replicating existing or research that is underway.

§         Research areas must have a broad scope – with applicability on at least a large regional, if not national, basis.

§         Partnerships are viewed very favorably by our approval bodies. When proposing research, consider other entities to partner with in performing the research, and other potential funding sources to join with the RMC Research & Education Foundation.

§         We seek proposals for research in specific areas, and rarely support general program funding requests.



Project Approval Process
If you have an idea for a project, please review our Grant Guidelines which includes all of the information on the details of the project that will need to be included in your proposal. The proposal is then reviewed by the RMC Research & Education Foundation’s Program Committee and Advisory Council. The Program Committee is comprised of members from the Foundation’s Board of Trustees who communicate regularly through conference calls. They will evaluate each proposal and may seek guidance from the Advisory Council. The Advisory Council consists of a variety of industry professionals and Foundation contributors whose expertise within the industry help to provide guidance on which projects will most benefit the industry and the public at large.  After review, the Program Committee's recommendation for each project is then considered by the Board of Trustees who then votes to either approve or reject each project.


Full and specific instructions for submitting a proposal are included in the Grant Guidelines document. However, if you wish to submit a conceptual proposal to gauge the interest of the Foundation in your project idea, you may do so. The conceptual proposal should be 1-2 pages and detail the specific problem or issue that the project seeks to address. Including approximate project costs, duration and methodology would also be helpful. For more information, please Contact Us.


You may also view the Foundation's Project Approval Flow chart by clicking here.



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